Sarah Key Back Block - Blue Plastic

$45.00 AUD


The BackBlock is the embodiment of the expression 'simple is genius'. For bad backs this is the ultimate self-help treatment tool. Go on and take the plunge. You won't regret it! 

Like its more robust brother the cork block, the blue BackBlock is placed under your sacrum so you can drape passively backwards as you lie on your back on the floor. This anti-sitting, anti-stooped-forward working posture therapy reprieve re-aligns your upper body over the spinal base as it gently pulls your lumbar spinal segments apart.

As you will read in several pages of the website daily spinal decompression is the hallmark feature of The Sarah Key Method. You will read here that you should be doing this simple regime every evening to deal with your back pain.

Travel is one of the most testing times for backs. All those different modes of transport, the tiredness, the tension, the long hours of sitting, the lifting and carrying suitcases and sleeping in strange beds is always a challenge.

The blue BackBlock is the lightweight travelers' block. Although it’s possible to use a stack of books in your hotel room [usually the local telephone directories] it’s far better to have your block with you. Having it there makes you do it! And making the effort to bring it along means you’ll be much more likely to keep up your spinal decompression while you’re away. 

The plastic BackBlock is easier to pack in your bag. Although it's not as hardy as the cork it is travel-friendly and avoids taking up dead space in your bag. With one side open, divided into three compartments, you can stuff in your socks and jocks and keep on cruising[!] 

Take care though, because this Block is more fragile and doesn’t respond well to rough handling.

Read more about the BackBlock and how to use it here

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