Sarah Key Back Block - Cork

$45.00 AUD



People in the bad back community are beginning to understand about spinal decompression - even if it's only a primal instinct where they yearn to have their spine stretched.

For this reason there are quite a few devices on the market, the most grandiose of which are the upside-down hanging frames. But the neatest, smallest, simplest, easiest to use, cheapest - and most effective - has to be the the BackBlock. 

The BackBlock works like a fulcrum or pivot under your pelvis that winches you backwards as you lie on your back, relaxed on the floor. It pulls the spine apart with a business like traction that zeros in, right on the lower end of your spine where you need it the most.

The BackBlock is the most effective tool for countering the ever-present forces of spinal compression. 

Whatever the spinal pathology behind your back problem, spinal decompression is an important part of the cure. And since the main agents of compression are gravity and muscle activity, both of which are ever-present through your upright hours of toil, spinal decompression needs to be - has to be - a daily event. Having a simple BackBlock handy makes it all easy.

However, there are important principles to observe to get the best from your BackBlock. Getting it it right makes all the difference because - and here's the rub -  being too hasty and too gung-ho can make matters worse. Instructions for the 3-step 'pressure change therapy' routine are indelibly printed on all four sides of the cork BackBlock. 

Read more about the BackBlock and how to use it here.

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