6 Easy Yoga Stretches for Sciatica

$5.00 AUD


Tried everything . . . . but still in leg pain purgatory where you can't sit still?

This is a fabulous conversation where Sarah explains what sciatica is and what's causing it. (She tells you that contrary to public opinion sciatica is usually referred pain, not irritation of the nerve itself, and rarely caused by a bulging disc).

Sounds complicated? No it isn't. Because Sarah makes it easy. She also makes it easy in the second part of the video where she shows you six easy yoga stretches . . . you in control. This section includes how to use Sarah's 2 main back treatment tools: The lowly pair of rolled-up socks (or gloves) and the BackBlock.

This back pain video is 30 minutes long and 259 MB.  You will be provided instantly with a link to download on payment, and you will also receive the link in an email. 


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