Sitting To Avoid Back Pain Video

$5.00 AUD

Sitting can be the bane of life for any back. Furthermore, excessive sitting can actually cause a bad back. In this video, the queen of backs explains all about the biomechanics of sitting and what causes all the mischief. It's all about loading the spine - and the water-filled intervertebral discs between the vertebrae. But don't despair. Loading can be good for a back if it's short term, on-off. It squashes the spine down the spine and evacuates stale fluids from the discs and gees up their repair processes, so you can suck fresh fluids back in when you stand up again and the spine pulls apart. Sitting badly, or for too long, hampers balance of water in - water out. Learn here how to sit properly to make things happen better. Also learn what makes a good and bad chair, and how you can make a bad chair work better.

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